Before you vote on November 8th (or early voting, if you like), you should find out where your state Legislative candidates stand on whether they support allowing consumers to shop for beer, wine and spirits on Sundays. We surveyed all candidates running for the Minnesota Legislature - House and Senate - and asked them to fill out our single question survey to tell us their position. Check out the survey here.

Here's the survey question:

Please respond to the following statement: "If elected, I pledge to vote for legislation that will allow retail liquor stores in Minnesota the option to sell beer, wine and spirits on Sundays and support the majority of consumers who want the convenience of shopping on Sundays, similar to what is allowed in 38 other state."

__ I SUPPORT Sunday sales

__ I OPPOSE Sunday sales

__ I am UNDECIDED about Sunday sales


Here's what you can do to improve the chances the Minnesota Legislature finally passes legislation to join 38 other states in allowing Sunday sales in Minnesota:

  1. Follow the instructions below to find out where your candidates stand.
  2. Encourage your friends, neighbors, co-workers to visit the site and do the same.
  3. Contact your candidates and let them know how you feel about this issue.
  4. BE SURE TO VOTE! (Tuesday, November 8th or take advantage of early voting)

We have an easy step by step process to help you check out where your state Legislative candidates stand on Sunday sales.

Step #1 - Click the FIND YOUR DISTRICT box on the right to find your legislative district.
Step #2 - Enter your zip code or county.
Step #3 - Enter your house number and select your street.
Step #4 - View the green box at the bottom of the page for your MN Senate and MN House district number.
Step #5 - Jot down the district number.
Step #6 - Click back to the Election Center on and scroll through the list of candidates below to find your legislative district and see if your candidates support Sunday sales.


To view the candidate's actual survey, click on their response below. If a candidate(s) from your district is not listed below, it is because they have not taken the time to fill out the survey.  You should contact them directly and urge them to support Sunday sales for Minnesota consumers.

District Candidate Do you support Sunday sales?
04 James Leiman Yes!
04A Jordan Idso [Yes!]
05B Sandy Layman Undecided
08 Bill Ingebrigtsen No
12 Russ Hinrichs Yes!
12B Paul Anderson No
13A Anne Buckvold Undecided
14 Steven Hanzlik Zilberg Yes!
15 Chilah Brown Yes!
15A Kent Lestrud Yes!
15B Karla Scapanski Yes!
16a Al Kruse Undecided
17a Andrew Falk Yes!
19A Clark Johnson See Response
20A Bob Vogel See Response
20B Aramis Wells Yes!
21B Steve Drazkowski Yes!
22 Brian Abrahamson Yes!
22B Kirby Kruse Undecided
23 Julie Rosen No
23A Zac Huntley Yes!
23B Tony Cornish Yes!
24A Bev Cashman No
26A Tina Liebling See Response
26B Jon Wayne Austinson Yes!
27A Peggy Bennett Yes!
27A Gary Schindler No
27B Dennis Schminke Yes!
28 Jeremy Miller Yes!
30a Nick Zerwas Yes!
31 Michelle Benson Yes!
31B Calvin Bahr Yes!
32 Mark Koran Yes!
33a Jerry Hertaus Yes!
34a Joyce Peppin Yes!
38 Roger Chamberlain Yes!
38A Kevin Fogarty Yes!
39A Bob Dettmer Yes!
39B Kathy Lohmer Undecided
41b Mary Kunesh-Podein Undecided
42A Randy Jessup Yes!
43A Bob Cardinal Undecided
43B Nathan Hansen Yes!
44B Patti Meier Yes!
45 Roxanna Bruins Undecided
45B Mike Frieberg Yes!
47 Darryl Scarborough Yes!
47A Jim Nash Yes!
47b Jane Montemayor Yes!
48 Steve Cwodzinski Yes!
48A Laurie Pryor Yes!
49 Mike Lehmann Yes!
50B Chad Anderson Yes!
51 Victor Lake Yes!
52 Matt Klein Yes!
52 Mark Misukanis Yes!
52B Regina Barr Yes!
53A Andy Turonie Yes!
53B Sharna Wahlgren Yes!
54B Don Slaten Undecided
55a Rob Loonan Yes!
56 Dan Hall Yes!
56A Drew Christensen Yes!
56B Roz Peterson Yes!
57 Cory Campbell Yes!
57B Margaret Martin Yes!
58 Tim Pitcher Yes! \
61 Scott Dibble Yes!
61B Tom Gallagher Yes!
62B Susan Allen Yes!
63B Frank Pafko Yes!
67B Lisa Thompson Yes!

now it's time to take action. go vote!