In 2015, proposed legislation to allow the Sunday sales of beer, wine and spirits in Minnesota did not pass. However, this vote was closer than ever, and we've created this system to thank legislators who voted "yes" and to ask legislators who voted "no" to reconsider in 2016. 

Here are the steps to take action. It takes less than thirty seconds!

  1. Enter your zip code and home address below. We do this so that you can connect directly with the individuals who represent YOUR specific community. 
  2. Look at what pops up. Did your Representative and Senator vote "yes" or "no" in 2015? NOTE, your Representative and Senator may have voted differently from one another! 
  3. Read and send the pre-written message, OR write a re-write and message in your own words to indicate how you feel about this topic. Remember to keep all comments polite and respectful
  4. Share this page with other Minnesotans by sending them an email or Tweeting out a link.

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